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How to apply for a Brazil visa.

The Consulate General of Brazil in Houston issues visas only for residents of the states under its jurisdiction which are: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The applicant must present proof of residence (notarized copy of driver's license, utility bill, bank statement or lease agreement)  to verify jurisdiction when applying for a Brazil visa. If you live in a different state please contact VIP Passport Services for your requirements.

The consulate in Houston accepts Brazil visa applications only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your request must be in our office 24 hours in advance in order to reserve a spot for your Brazil visa.  Please email or fax your Brazil application and documentation to be proofed before sending to our office so your Brazil visa will not be delayed. Email to [email protected] or fax to 713.659.3767.

All supporting documents issued in the United States must be notarized by a notary public, signed and dated by a notary public, within the state from which the document originated.  All documents issued in Brazil must be original and notarized by a Brazil notary known as a "Catorio".

Do not apply for a Brazil visa if you have a valid visa in your expired or lost passport

If you have a valid Brazil visa in an expired passport, you must travel with your current passport and your previous passport in which your Brazil visa was originally issued. If you lost your passport book  containing the valid Brazil visa, you must then write an explanation letter to the Consulate of Brazil explaining how you lost your passport.  If you try to apply for a Brazil visa when you already have a valid one, the Brazil Consulate has the right to keep your visa fees which can cause your current Brazil visa to be suspended.  

A VIP Work Order is required with all visa request. You must include payment information along with a valid email address. If paying by credit card, make sure you sign the credit card signature field.


You must have 6 months validity left in your passport before applying for your Brazil visa.  If your passport will be expiring in less than 6 months, please contact VIP Passport Services about updating your passport book prior to applying for a Brazil visa.

* Be sure to send in your actual passport book and not just a copy.

* It must be signed on the information page. Sign the name exactly like your name inside your passport, i.e. - first, middle and last names. If the signature is not complete upon arrival we will have to return it to be signed before your Brazil application can be submitted.

* You must have two blank side by side pages. Amendment and endorsement pages do not count.

* Passport pages cannot be torn, frayed, separated, mutilated or altered in any way.

* If you have a valid Brazil visa already issued in an expired passport or lost passport, please provide VIP Passport Services a copy of your existing Brazil visa.

Driver's license

You must provide a notarized copy of your driver's license. It must be notarized by a notary public in the state in which your driver's license was issued. Make sure the notary dates the day they notarized it. Your driver's license must be valid and clearly show your home address as it appears on your Brazil online application.  The consulate does not like your driver's license enlarged on the copy machine. So when copying please keep them the same size as your driver's license.

A Brazil online application is required for all visas:

You must complete the four page online application before sending VIP Passport Services your paperwork. You can find the online application at VIP Passport Service cannot process your Brazil visa without this application.

* On page 1 of the online application, be sure and put your first, middle and last name as it appears in your passport.  If you do not have a middle name or middle initial, leave that field blank.  If you leave the mother and father's fields blank, you will have to recomplete another Brazil application. If one or more of your parents are deceased, do not write "deceased".  Put their name in the fields.  If you do not know your mother or father's name, you must provide a notarized copy of the birth certificate, showing that their name is not listed.

* On page 2 of the application, please put the issuing passport agency or authority on the information page located inside the passport. Example: Your passport states Houston Passport Agency, please list as such. The new passports issued this year list The United States Department of State while the older ones will most likely have a specific issuing authority listed.

* On page 3 of the application, please list your profession as it is specified on your company letter (if applying for a business or work Brazil visa). For example, if your letter states you are employed as a manager, please put "manager" in the profession field of your application. The address on the application should also match the company letter regarding the address, city, state and phone number.

* On page 4 of the application, the permanent and current addresses must be the same as your drivers license.  Make sure you fill out both the current and the permanent address fields, as they will not accept "same as above" in either field.

* Make sure to sign your name inside the BIG rectangle box on the application receipt.  Do not sign outside of the rectangle box.

* You must submit the Brazil application within 30 days of completing the online application. The expiration date of your Brazil application is listed on the application in the upper left corner below the application number.      

Company letter (business purposes)

An original notarized company letter from your U. S. company is required.  You must provide the following information in your company letter:

* Must be on a U.S. company letterhead with an original signature of a senior member of management. 

* It must have your company job title, full name and nationality  

* Notarized by notary public from state and/or county which the letter originated

* State the purpose of your trip (business meetings)

* Must include the facility name, address, zip code and phone number of the contact to be visited in Brazil

* Include dates intended to entry and exit Brazil

* Clearly state that "No technical assistance" will be performed while in Brazil

* Letter must by typed in English


You will need (1) Color - 2 x 2 passport photo of the applicant. Photocopies, computer regenerated or snapshot pictures are not accepted. Your photo must be:

* Professionally taken and printed on photo paper

* Recent photo taken within the last 6 months. Do not submit the same photo that is inside your passport unless your passport is less than 6 months old

* Frontal view is required and it must be a full face view directly facing the camera. Do not tilt your head. No shadows or glare from glasses

* Photo must be clear; low quality photos will not be accepted

* Photo must be on white or off-white background

* Neutral facial expression and both eyes must be open


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