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Travel Tips: Traveling with Pets

Traveling can be oodles of fun whether traveling for business or pleasure. If you have children, you will usually either take your children with you or leave your children with a sitter. If you have household pets, you will need to either take your pets with you or hire a reliable pet sitter for your travels. More people are choosing to find a way to take their beloved pets with them on their travels whether traveling to a national park or out of the country.


Traveling with pets can be rewarding for both you and your pets. Whether you have cats or dogs, you will discover the majority of airlines do make allowances for household companions. In addition, if you have a service animal, that service animal has extraordinary allowances when traveling with their human counterpart.


Are you interested in taking your cherished cat or dog with you on your next family vacation? Do you want to know all of the ins and outs associated with taking your cat or dog with you? Are there special regulations concerning pets and travel both within the United States and out of the United States?


When traveling with pets, the regulations are going to depend on where you are traveling and how you plan on traveling.


If you grab your US Passport card (or US Passport book) and head for the border, you will discover you do have regulations. However, these regulations are going to depend on when you travel, how you travel, and where you travel. For instance, if you travel to Mexico or Canada using your US Passport book, you will need a certificate of good health by your veterinarian dated 10 days before travel and you will need proof of vaccines against distemper and rabies dated at least 15 days before traveling.


In addition, you will want to ensure you take only 2 animals with you when crossing the border to Mexico or Canada. If you plan on taking more animals with you, consider contacting the embassy or consulate nearest you for more information and guidelines.


While you may discover you do not get asked for this verification, it is always a good idea to be prepared. The borders are tightening up and our pets are no exception.


All airlines have their own regulations concerning pets and traveling. Therefore, if you are going to be traveling with pets, contact your appropriate airlines to discover what is need of you well in advance of your take-off date.


Another consideration should be your lodging. While you may be able to get your cats or dogs to the country legally and safely, check with your lodging to ensure they do allow pets, what kind of pets they allow, the number of pets, and any additional charge you may incur.


When traveling with pets, you will discover a rewarding experience is to be had by both you and your beloved companion. However, you will need to make special preparations to guarantee your travels are as smooth and safe as possible for both you and your furry companion.




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