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Traveling with Pets: A How-to Guide

Heading to France, Canada, or any other destination? Have a family friend maybe a dog or even a cat that you would like to take on the road with you? Not sure whether or not it is feasible to consider traveling with pets?


Believe it or not, traveling with pets has become a regular occurrence around the world. People bond with their four legged friends, and those furry critters become a part of the family. More and more destinations are becoming pet-friendly realizing that accommodating people often starts with accommodating their furry friends first.


There are many pet-friendly resorts, airlines, hotels, campgrounds, parks, and shopping centers catering to the whole family – cats, dogs, and gerbils included. Finding the best destination for your needs starts with realizing that not all destinations are the same. In fact, some destinations may be downright impossible to explore simply because of quarantines and delays in getting your pets into the country.


Having great pet-friendly traveling tips will definitely help you get the most out of your next “family” vacation!


Whether traveling abroad or locally, it is vital to ensure vaccinations and rabies shots are updated. The documents should be on your personage at all times. In addition, many airlines have requirements concerning vaccinations and rabies shots. The United States requires vaccination and rabies documents that are current within a set period for animals entering AND leaving the United States.


If traveling with pets by vehicle, purchase appropriate restraints for your cat, dog, gerbil, hamster, goldfish, or other animal. How many times have you seen a cat against the back window basking in the sun, or a dog sitting in someone’s lap in the passenger seat? One quick stop at the animal in question will go flying or bouncing around the vehicle. Put the family pets in carriers or purchase a harness you can attach to your seatbelt.


Regardless of your destination, consider the climate. If you pet is used to warm weather and you suddenly take the animal to a hot or cold climate, the extremes will be difficult for your pet to handle. Never leave a pet in a hot car. Leaving a family friend in a hot car is like leaving a child in a hot car with a winter coat on. The results can be deadly.


One of the most important traveling tips when traveling with pets is to remember identification. Updated and correct identification should be visible on a collar and even a microchip inserted by a professional under the skin on the nape of the neck. Identification means a lost pet has a better chance at being returned unharmed to his or her rightful home.


Choosing to travel with pets can be a rewarding experience for the people as well as the animal. In some cases, such as a service animal, traveling with pets is a necessity. Knowing the regulations and laws of the destination country or home will help ensure that you and your friend have a wonderful experience.



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