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VIP Services specializes in passports, visas, birth certivicates, passports renewal,

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Trusting the Passport Experts


Knowing you need a passport allows you to apply ahead of time for your passport needs; following the instructions will ensure you get what you need in a timely fashion. However, with government regulations in seemingly constant flux, you may decide to trust the passport experts to aid you in receiving your important document in a timeframe you can live with.


Passport experts are hard to find regardless of what you may see on the internet or even on television. It seems that these days everyone wants to offer you a fast way to get your passport book or passport card while promising you “the lowest fee”. Unfortunately, not all those promised experts can assist you at the guaranteed price they promise or advertise.


If you find passport experts that are not up to par, you will find that delays are abundant and harmful. When you want to travel abroad or just across the border, having the right identification is essential. But a subpar company offering you “cheap” fees and fast turnaround will actually delay your application process which could mean a delay on your trip or vacation.


When you are searching for that passport expert you can trust there are a few qualifications you should keep in mind. Just trusting anyone is not an option for you and your travel plans, and if you know what to ask or what to look for, you will discover you get your identification quickly and without a lot of the fuss and muss.


Look For The “Real” Fee!


Generally, the fee will be evident once you make an order. However, offering a specific price online can often be difficult due to the customization of each order. In addition, expedited services are generally going to cost you more. Of course, the passport experts will charge you a fee as well. There may often be a separate shipping and handling fee that you should be on the lookout for too.


Looking for the real price? If you do not find the price upfront in an easily manner, contacting the company should be a viable option that saves you time and hassles.


Contact Information


Professional passport experts should always have contact information readily available. Many of those “other” companies will often hide the contact information or only allow you to contact them via the internet. A reliable and high quality company will have the contact information easily found, and that contact information should include a telephone number and location.


Documentation Necessary


There may be a lot of personal documentation necessary for your passport book or passport card. Trusting a company for your needs means that you trust that company not to abuse, lose, or misplace your documentation or information. Once you contact the company in question, ask how your personal information is handled and if it will be returned at a later date. If so, ask when.


Trusting the passport experts for your needs takes a lot of patience and trust. If you are unsure of the company you are choosing to assistance you in receiving your passport card or passport book, you should consider contacting that company directly and asking question until you are satisfied and comfortable with the company you are considering for your passport needs.


Do you have questions about your passport processing?

 If so call, 1-800-876-8472.




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