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Why You Should Use A Passport Cover

A passport cover seems like a luxury, an unimportant item. When you are hurrying around the world, the last thing that concerns you is whether you have a fancy, stylish wallet to hold your passport in. Surprisingly though, there are numerous reasons why you should purchase one.


When you are travelling abroad, your passport should be your number one prized possession. Without it, you cannot enter all those wonderful countries you heard of in pursuit of adventure, culture, or simply better weather. So, it seems to be a matter of common sense to keep it protected. A cover will ensure that it does not get battered by wear and tear, or the elements. Compared to your plane ticket, it is a small expense.


When encased in a cover, your passport is safer from the eyes and hands of would be thieves. Without a cover, it is clearly visible when on your person, and an easy target. Especially in poorer countries, your most prized possession is worth a fortune on the black market. When hidden from view within a wallet adorned with an artistic design, it causes the thieves to place their attention elsewhere, to some other poor soul not as prudent as you.


Having yours in a cover, allows you to spot it amidst the enormous pile of identical passports which is a feature of collection stations at airports. If you are with your family, or a group of friends, having to open each individual one until you find a match is irritating. Having a cover is a time saver, which is a luxury amid the chaos of customs.


This same principle applies when at home. There is nothing more stressful than misplacing your passport, knowing that it is buried somewhere in the mountain of clothes being packed. Having a bright cover alerts you immediately to its location, thus ensuring that you are not late for your flight.


In terms of material, a waterproof cover affords greater security. With it, you know that dropping your passport is no issue at all. Buy one that comes equipped with a cord that can be wrapped around your belt. If a pickpocket does strike, you will immediately become aware of them. Knowing that they have been discovered, they will flee, without your property.


A cover should be of a reasonable size, that is, big enough to accommodate other valuable items such as credit cards, travelers checks and cash. If you are intent on being secure, it is far better to cover every angle, rather than just one. Having all your essential goods attached securely to you, will allow you to enjoy your holiday without panic.


The best passport covers to buy are ones that are unique. Buying a generic design defeats the whole purpose of having it stand out. Ones with artistic designs are an excellent choice because they look nothing like a passport. Avoid ones with leather covers as they look too similar to a wallet, which would still leave it susceptible to theft.


Finally, just before you hand your passport over for inspection at customs, remove it from the cover. It is a small point, but you do not want to be drawing attention to your wallet. This will detract from its purpose, and may make the officials suspicious. Far from being pointless, these covers are essential for anyone looking to travel with piece of mind.





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