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        We are located right next door to the united states passport office in downtown Houston.
VIP Passports works closely with the Houston passport agency to help obtain your passports as quickly as possible.


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Hendersonville, Tennessee

I just received my passports.  I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you so much.  I was on the website looking for a place to write a testimonial, and I didn’t see one.  But I wanted to make sure that you heard from me.  Don’t know if you remember all of my circumstances.  I wanted to get my passport and my daughters (age 6), before we left on a Disney cruise in less than 2 weeks.  I was very skeptical that is was possible and had even formulated a back up plan in the event we  did not get them in time.  No need to worry now…

Your service is an exceptional value at $75.00.  I cannot thank you enough for professionalism, promptness and customer service.  I had talked with you in advance of sending my information and you were very courteous and answered all of my questions. I then called from  the government office where we were executing the passports.  I spoke to someone else who was as courteous and professional.  I was never made to feel rushed or that my numerous questions were stupid.    

There are several companies that provide the same “service” of expediting   government documents.  I am confident that none of them measure up to the same standards with which you treat your customers.  Customer service aside, the “service” of expediting my and my daughter’s was painless and very efficient.  We will now have indelible memories of our first cruise. 

Thank you sooooo much!

I will certainly recommend you to anyone that ever needs similar service.  Also, on a side note.  It was such a pleasure each time that I called to reach an actual person: a person who genuinely cared about the customer.  I guess I just haven’t experienced such exceptional customer service in such a long, I wanted to make sure that I let you guys know that you are definitely doing EVERYTHING RIGHT! 

Have a great weekend, and keep up the good work!

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VIP Passports And Visa Services
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