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Travel Glossary 

Amendment means a change in name descriptive data, number of pages in a current passport and validity.

Application Forms - When applying for a passport or visa certain applications are required as part of the documentation required to process your request. The forms must only be filled out and signed by the applicant.  If the application aren't filled out correctly your passport or visa application can be denied.

Authentication - Documents issued in one country which need to be used in another country must be "authenticated" or "legalized" before they can be recognized as valid in the foreign country. This is a process in which various seals are placed on the document. Such documents range from powers of attorney, affidavits, birth, death and marriages records, incorporation papers, deeds, patent applications, home studies and other legal papers.

Birth Certificate is a document consisting of an official record of a persons date of birth and place of birth and parentage. 

Business travel - refers to people entering a foreign country for the purpose of conducting commercial discussions.  Persons traveling for business should not be encourage to secure tourist visas. Only a few countries issue the same visa to tourists and business people. Business visas are not work visas.

Consulate - A division within a foreign government's representation that has a specific purpose, one which is responsible for the issuance of visas.

Consulate Fees - is the fee paid to the embassy or consulate of the country of destination in order to have the visa issued.  Fees can range from no fees to several hundreds of dollars.

Deportation is forcing a person to leave a country by official order.

Duty free are goods on which no duty or tax must be paid.

Embassy - The official representation of a foreign government in Washington, which is staffed by an ambassador and his personnel.

Execution of Passport Applications - is the procedure performed by passport agents, designated clerks of courts, or designated postal officials which check the authenticity of documents submitted for a passport and to witness the identity of the applicant as being the legitimate bearer of the passport applying for.  Execution of a passport application may not be executed by a notary of public. 

Immigration Photos are photos required for application purposes in order to apply for citizenship or entry permit.   

International Driver's License - is proof that you hold a valid driving license in your own country. It is not always necessary to have one, since many countries recognize each other's licenses, but possessing an international drivers license has many advantages.

Itinerary is a piece of paper with the travel arrangements stating your departure and arrival date and destination.  The itinerary should have the travelers name on it.

Jurisdiction - the states for whose residents a particular consulate has the responsibility for issuing of visas.

Legalizations - the procedure to certify the signatures on a legal or commercial document, in order to prove that it is a valid document abroad. See authentications.

Length of Stay is the duration of stay permitted in a country as designated by the visa issued.

Number of Entries is the number of times the passport bearer may enter and reenter the county of destination on one visa.

Passport is a travel document in booklet form attesting to the identity and nationality of the passport bearer. It is issued by a government to its citizens or non citizens to protect them when traveling abroad.  A passport must be signed before it can be considered valid. 

Passport Photos are photos needed in order to apply for a passport. They must be two inch by two inch and taken within the last 3 months.  The background must be white.  A passport photo can be either black/white or color.

Processing Time is the length of time it takes a passport agency, embassy, or consulate to prepare the documentation required in order for you to travel. Processing times can range from a few hours to several months depending on the nationality of the applicant.

Proof of Identity is a legal document attesting to the identity of the bearer.  It should include the name, address and a photo of the bearer. A driver's license is the most common proof of identity.  

Proof of Nationality is a legal document attesting to the nationality of the bearer. All countries accept a valid passport. 

Restricted or Second Limited Passport is a second passport issued for the purpose of making it easier for the traveler to travel.  

Tourist is a person who travels for the sole purpose of sight seeing other places. People who travel for business, playing sports, or visiting relatives are not considered tourists.  

Tourist Card is an entry permit issued by a commercial airline or other vessel, by a government tourist office, or by a consulate.  It is similar to a visa in purpose but is not stamped inside a passport.  Tourist cards are usually good for a short trip of up to three months depending on the country.     

Transit - is a traveler passing through one country for the sole purpose of traveling to another country. 

Travel agent is a person who makes your travel bookings for you. 

Vaccination is an inoculation taken to ward off potential infectious diseases.  The most common vaccinations are cholera and yellow fever.

Vaccination Certificates are official documents provided to record vaccinations for presentation to the health officials abroad.

Validity of a Passport is the length of time from the date of issue to the date of expiration of a passport. 

Validity of a Visa is the length of time from the date of issue during which the traveler must make the first entry, the length of stay, once the traveler has entered the country or the number of permitted entries which are usually a single, double or multiple visa.

Visa is an entry in a passport made by a consular official of a government giving permission to the passport bearer to enter the country concerned. A visa in not a guarantee of entry for the immigration on arrival has the final say so.  Visa is an endorsement on a passport showing that a person has been given official entry into or passage through a country.

Visa Photos are photos required in order to process the visa application to show identity of the bearer on the visa application.  

Work Permit  is a legal document enabling a person to work in a country where he or she is not a citizen, usually for a limited amount of time.




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