Question: I have a request for some information on travel Visa’s for someone traveling from Russia to the United States. My question is related to a female friend that I have been talking to that started from a dating service for the past several months. I am aware of the need for a passport and a certain type of Visa to get here. And also some kind of an invitation to be sent to her or the Russian Government. Some information about her. There is the eventual possibility of getting married when she is here. She does not currently have a job lined up until after she would arrive. She does have an education with a degree. She has already written of getting a petition from someone in her country. She claims to have had a medical exam and passed it.

Once she would be here, she would be staying with me. My questions….What is required for her to come here to be able to work and live here? The type of Visa that is needed? Does she need a letter of invitation from me to be sent to her? And what should be written in that letter of invitation? Does she need to have everything that is necessary before she arrives or can she acquire some of the things that she needs after she has gotten here? Such as a Permanent Work Card (Green Card). Will she need to have a round trip flight to come here or one way? What length of time will she have to be here on the Visa? What costs are involved with all of this? Visa, passport, etc….Are there any other things that I should know about that I have not asked here? Do you know of any people in a foreign country that has asked for money to help them to get here, and not have any intention of doing so? I am trying to cover everything that I can think of on here. If you can help me with this information it could make things to go much smoother. Thank you for what assistance you can give me on this.

– Jim Fey

Answer: Our company normally helps people in the USA traveling to other countries. You will need to contact the USA Embassy in your country of residence. Please go to: for current USA visa information and location of the USA embassy in your jurisdiction.

What is an ETA visa?

An ETA visa is a paperless tourist visa which is stored electronically for your travel to Australia. It will replace the visa stamp inside your passport. An ETA visa removes the need for application forms and allows travelers to be processed quickly on their entrance to Australia.

If I want a Russian visa and I am from a former Russian Republic (Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc), do I need anything extra when applying for the visa?

Yes, along with the certificate of exit you will also need to provide a written statement stating you are not a Russian citizen.

I'm a non-American applying for an Indian visa, what is the longest visa validity that I can apply for?

As of recently, the Indian consulate in Houston is advising that all non-Americans can only apply for a visa with a validity of one year only.

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